Stoltenberg asks in Davos to put security before trade and profits after the invasion of Ukraine | International

That the Russian invasion of Ukraine has changed the world as it was until February 24 is demonstrated by the fact that the World Economic Forum (WEF) has granted a relevant space of its annual meeting to the secretary general of NATO. Jens Stoltenberg issued a serious warning to the Davos Forum on Tuesday: war should not change long-term security needs for short-term economic interests. A maxim applicable to both Moscow and Beijing.

“The war in Ukraine demonstrates how economic relationships with authoritarian regimes can create vulnerabilities. Excessive dependence on the import of essential raw materials, such as energy. Risks linked to the export of advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence. And a resistance weakened by foreign control of critical infrastructure such as 5G. This is about Russia. But it’s also about China.” The secretary general of the Alliance has later specified that he is not opposed in principle to trade with Beijing, but he is opposed to leaving vital infrastructures such as 5G in the hands of Chinese companies.

In a harsh and content-filled speech, Stoltenberg reminded the leaders and executives gathered in Davos that economic elections have consequences in terms of security and that, although free trade and globalization have provided well-being and prosperity, the time has come to rethink business alliances. “Freedom is more important than free trade. Protecting our values ​​is more important than profits.”

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