Last minute of the shooting in Texas, live | The attacker barricaded himself in a classroom where he killed all of his victims | International

What is known so far about the victims: Boys and girls between 8 and 10 years old and two very committed teachers

The American press is already providing the first names of the victims of the massacre, after their relatives shared images and memories on social networks. Among the identified students is Uziyah Garcia, 8 years old. His grandfather Manny Renfro has shared a picture of the child taken last March, also collected by the AP agency.

another victim is Amerie Jo Garza, of 10 years. Shortly after the attack, a few blocks from the Robb elementary school, Carlos Mendoza, a truck driver, was looking at the last photograph of his niece on his mobile, as EL PAÍS reports. in this report. The girl smiles and hugs her grandfather as she shows the camera the diploma she received in the morning. Minutes after that ceremony, Salvador Ramos burst into the center. Carlos, speaking with a neighbor, questions: “How is it possible that a hole [chaval] 18 years old can buy weapons? “At least I should do it at 21”, Leo, his neighbor, replies.

means like SkyNews They cite among the victims Xavier Javier Lopez Y Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguezboth 10 years old. Jose Floresalso 10 years old, has been identified as one of the victims by his uncle, points out Guardian. “We love you very much Nevaeh”, writes on Facebook Emily Grace Ayala, the cousin of Nevaeh Bravoanother of the victims whose name appears in SkyNews.

The shooting has also left two teachers among the victims. One is Irma Garciawho had been working at the school for 23 years, and whose death appears in Guardian. Garcia is the mother of four children and, according to the school’s website, she liked listening to music and having barbecues with her husband. This teacher “she sacrificed herself to protect her students,” writes her nephew on Twitter.

Eva Mireles44 years old and with 17 years of experience as an educator, is one of the profiles collected in the Washington Post. The mother of one of her students defines her on Twitter as “a wonderful person” and a very committed teacher.

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