The central State only executed 36% of the budgeted investments in Catalonia, while it doubled them in Madrid | Economy

The claim that unites Catalan politicians and businessmen on the need to increase investment in the community has no effect. Last year the community received 739.7 million euros, just 35.7% of the total amount committed by the Government of Pedro Sánchez in the General Budgets for 2021. This percentage contrasts with the 67% compliance of the total investments planned by the state public sector as a whole and with the 184% with which the Community of Madrid ended, which saw how it received many more resources (up to 2,086 million euros) than initially planned.

The data comes from a report published this Monday by the Ministry of Finance on the 2021 budget settlement. It includes the investments made by both the ministries and the autonomous bodies and the business sector of the State Administration, the latter the most important in terms of investments, as they include Adif or Renfe, among others.

According to that document, the State invested a total of 12,759 million euros, 33% less than it had foreseen in the 2021 accounts, which were approved by an absolute majority thanks to the votes of ERC, PNV, Bildu, PDeCAT deputies , Más País, Compromís, PRC, Nueva Canarias and Teruel Exists, in addition to the groups supporting the government coalition, PSOE and United We Can. The Republicans did not link their support to a greater execution of investments, despite being one of the most reiterated criticisms from Catalonia and causing the announced investment increases to be assumed from the business world with skepticism. However, in the Budget project, Catalonia was the community that had to receive the most investment. In the end it was third, behind the Community of Madrid and Andalusia (854 million)

The reduced execution of investments in Catalonia is explained especially by the low investment compared to what was budgeted by public companies. They only met 27% of what they accounted for in the General Budgets two years ago (515 million of the 1,886 originally planned). On the other hand, Catalonia received more resources than expected from the Autonomous bodies and the public sector of the Administration, which are actually the ones that make the least investment. For its part, the General State Administration allocated 153 million, below the 168.1 million. In summary, the State invested 1,328 million less in Catalonia than what was included in the accounts.

Quite the opposite of the Community of Madrid, which saw how it gained 946 million euros in investments, in this case benefiting above all from the investments made by the General State Administration: it allocated 837 million euros to the community despite the fact that the budget commitment was of 190.7 million. Public companies invested 90 million more than they anticipated.

This rebound collides with the general liquidation of investments, which shows how the State did not finish covering the 19,028 million euros to invest. By the way they were 6,270 million euros.

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