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More digital and better connected. This is the world that awaits us in this new revolution in which Spain has emerged as one of the world leaders, thanks to the process of migrating to fiber. Today, its position in the market makes it one of the countries with the best prospects for strongly deploying 5G connections, a technology that will be the trigger for a new cycle of digital transformation. The operators, however, have great challenges ahead.

Not only will they have to make investments to deploy the new infrastructures with greater coverage and density, but they will also have to adapt to the new regulations on data processing. What is the future of the sector? Are Next Generation funds reaching the various market participants? What is the role that public-private collaboration can play and how could the impact of policies and public aid be maximized in this regard? To answer these and other questions, EL PAÍS and KPMG will hold a forum in which various experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities of this activity.

The meeting, entitled The future of the telecommunications sector, will be opened by Juan José Cano, president of KPMG in Spain. Then Roberto Sánchez, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures, will intervene. Subsequently, a round table will be held on the perspectives of the sector. It will be attended by Luz Usamentiaga, General Director of Regulation, Public Affairs and Sustainability of Orange Spain; Elena Otero-Novas, Director of Legal, Regulation and Corporate Security at Vodafone Spain; Juan Montero Rodil, director of Public Policies, Competition and Regulatory Affairs of Telefónica, and Javier Arenzana, partner responsible for the Telecommunications sector of KPMG in Spain.

This last part will be moderated by Ricardo de Querol, a journalist from EL PAÍS. The event will take place on June 1 at 10:00 a.m. and can be followed live through the website of this newspaper and its social networks.

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