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Fashion photographer Paloma Fernández met TikTok, the social network of the moment, in the midst of a pandemic. In this way, after her experience of having worked in firms such as Amazon Fashion and Asos, she decided to use this tool to make herself known outside the United Kingdom, the country in which she lives. Her goal was to reach 10,000 followers in less than a month, and she did it. She later repeated the same formula on Instagram Reels, again, with success. At that time, after verifying that she had designed a strategy that worked, she created the online course Tik&Reels in Hotmartto help other people achieve the same results.

Hotmart, a global technology company, offers an ecosystem with digital solutions for content creators, where you can publish courses, videos, podcasts, ebooks, online events, subscriptions and more. And charge for them, of course. The advantage is that the management of all content, clients and payments is done from the same platform, and this allows creators to focus exclusively on the content they produce for their audience.

Precisely, Fernández points out that being able to concentrate on the teaching part, without having to worry about the technical aspects, is one of the great advantages of using this platform. “I thought everything that Hotmart offers was great, and it makes me free to reach more people,” explains the photographer, who in just one year has already reached almost 5,000 students.

360 degree solution

As explained by the country manager for Spain and Portugal of Hotmart, Myriam Tejada, the platform is “a 360-degree digital solution that allows users to transform their knowledge into the creation, distribution and sale of content”. To do this, they offer tools such as a members area, the space where digital products are published or a page editor. In addition, Tejada considers the accompaniment offered to creators “to get more audience” and “convince them to buy their content” very important.

Myriam Tejada

Myriam Tejada, country manager for Spain and Portugal at Hotmart.

This is the case of Anika Rytel, a dog training specialist who offers the course Canine hyperattachment and emotional dependence at Hotmart, where he helps owners improve their relationship with their dogs. In his experience, he considers that the platform is the reason why, in his business, they can “live on digital courses.” “With this platform, we have boosted the company in several areas, since it makes my work easier, not only with tools, but also when it comes to taking care of the client,” he says. The numbers support his success, since his presence on Hotmart has allowed him to exceed 13,000 followers on Facebook and 63,000 on Instagram.

International presence

But Hotmart is not an exclusive solution for independent content creators, it also has very useful tools for companies. An example is the case of 8Belts, the online language academy whose innovative method allows you to learn English, Chinese, German or French in eight months. After partnering with Hotmart, it is now available in the 188 countries where the platform is present, with a potential market of 30,000,000 users worldwide. Thus, the company can now reach, for example, Latin America, a region that is of particular interest to it.

Regarding Tejada, country manager for Spain and Portugal of Hotmart, details that one of the strongest points of the platform is its international payment system. This gateway, available for any of the digital products, allows subscribers to pay in their local currency, without the creators having to worry about issues such as international collection, currency conversion or VAT tax management.

At this point, it should be clarified that publishing content on Hotmart has no cost for creators, since the platform only charges a commission for each payment transaction. That is why Tejada clarifies that it is not necessary “to make a disbursement or incur infrastructure expenses” to start using the service.

Likewise, Tejada comments that another way to participate in the platform is through the affiliation program, with which people or companies with an audience in other places can recommend Hotmart content and, in exchange, receive a percentage of the profits.

In fact, this has been one of the keys to the success of travel photographer Kike Arnaiz, who offers his courses on the platform. “The affiliate system accounts for about 20% of my sales,” he says. Currently, Arnaiz teaches courses for professionals and beginners at Hotmart, where he has been able to generate a community of thousands of students not only in Spain, but also in Latin America.

Against this background, Tejada makes it clear that the new content formats “are not going to disappear.” This is what the study shows Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, by WeAreSocial and Hootsuite, which places the consumption of educational videos at 29.8% of total weekly users. Therefore, Hotmart represents the perfect tool to join a consolidated market, with all the necessary resources to generate an audience and, above all, profit from knowledge. For more information, an in-depth understanding of platform solutions and any questions, please visit the website of Hotmart.

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