Platinum Jubilee: Video Analysis | Isabel II, a reign of 70 years | on video

The Queen of England celebrated 70 years on the British throne last February. Tributes will be held between June 2 and 5. Elizabeth II is the first British sovereign to commemorate so many years of her reign and, in fact, she is the second in history to reign longer. She is only surpassed by the French King Louis XIV, who spent 72 years on the throne.

At 96 years old, the queen will host four days of uninterrupted events where the royal family will play a central role, but what moments in her life have been key to getting to where she is? In the video that accompanies this news, Rafa de Miguel, correspondent for EL PAÍS in the United Kingdom, draws a portrait of Elizabeth II compiling episodes in which the queen has been the protagonist and that have marked the recent history of the United Kingdom.

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