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Telefónica Spain has closed this Tuesday an agreement with the majority unions to extend to the entire workforce the working day of four days a week, with the corresponding drop in salary, although with a bonus by the company of 20%, reported carrier sources.

Tailor-made, a pioneer in Spain in a large company, the around 18,000 employees of the Spanish subsidiary of the telecommunications multinational will initially be able to take on a voluntary basis. Telefónica’s management has decided to extend the proposal after the good results obtained by the pilot test carried out since last October 1st.

Due to the so-called Bonus Flexible Weekly Hours, employees work 32 hours a week, eight hours a day from Monday to Thursday, instead of the 37.5 hours they currently work five days a week. The cut in hours is accompanied by a proportional reduction in salary, but the company discounts 20% of that discount, that is, it pays about an hour.

Now there is a period from June 9 to July 15, so that workers who choose to take advantage of the plan notify the company, since it is a voluntary plan. For these employees, the four-day shift will be effective from September 1 and will end on December 31, 2022. However, the company’s intention is to extend the formula on an annual basis from January 2023. The measure It was already included in the extension of the II Agreement of Associated Companies (CEV), agreed with the unions in 2021, so a modification of it will not be necessary. Employees already participating in the pilot program will be able to continue shortened hours in July and August if they wish.

For their part, the majority trade unions of Telefónica Spain -UGT and CC OO- have been satisfied with the extension of the formula, although they will seek to improve the bonus that the company now applies, that is, that the salary reduction be less to make the flexible working day more attractive.

Telefónica Spain has shown itself to be at the forefront of the new labor relations. After returning to the office, it allowed its employees to telecommute two days a week of teleworking and implemented a mobile work model (SmartWork) aimed at pre-sales and post-sales sales representatives and engineers, who require flexibility in their working hours, measures at that 80% of the staff received.

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