Podemos rectifies and recognizes that it does not have an agreement with the Government to eliminate the maximum limit of pensions | Economy

The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, this Thursday in Congress.
The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, this Thursday in Congress.Alberto Ortega (Europe Press)

United We Can reported this Thursday that it had reached an agreement with the PSOE to eliminate the maximum limit on pensions. Minutes later he acknowledged having made a mistake, and pointed out that this pact referred to the maximum contribution bases, and not to the limit of pensions, as he had initially said. However, sources from the Ministry of Social Security deny that there is such an agreement, and warn that this measure is part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan sent to Brussels, and that there has been no new agreement since then. Other Podemos sources assure, however, that the agreement exists, and that negotiations with the social agents will soon begin to address the disappearance of these limits.

The original announcement came from the deputy of United We Can, Isabel Franco, during her speech in the plenary session of Congress in which the bill to promote employment pension plans was voted. “It’s the best agreement we could reach,” Franco said. This notice occurred precisely moments before the approval of the two particular votes cast by the PSOE and Ciudadanos against one of the amendments approved by mistake by the socialist party last week, and which referred precisely to the elimination of the ceilings of the contribution bases.

Sources from the Ministry of Social Security refer to the text that makes up component 30 of the Recovery Plan to explain its position regarding the possible disappearance of the maximum limit of contributions. Under the heading “Adaptation of the maximum contribution base of the system”, the text specifies that “the adaptation of the system requires a gradual adaptation of the maximum contribution bases, which must be concurrent with a modification of the maximum pension for not affect the contributory nature of the system”. It is not, therefore, an automatic phenomenon, but rather requires study and application with progressive effects over time.

The contribution bases refer to the amounts on which the quotas for which the workers contribute to Social Security are applied for concepts such as common contingencies, professionals, unemployment, professional training… and others. In 2022, the maximum base for which a worker can contribute —and which ultimately defines the amount of his retirement pension— is 4,139.40 euros per month. Hence, the unions welcome the disappearance of this barrier, since it would allow workers with higher salaries to contribute for the full amount, which would increase the amount of their future benefits.

However, this rise in the amount to be quoted would have repercussions on an increase in labor costs borne by companies, and which critics point out could harm employment.

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