Telefónica offers salary increase of 1% additional per year until 2024 to those outside the agreement due to inflation | Companies

Telefónica has already made its salary review proposals for corporate staff and Global Units, known as GBUs. These reviews are gaining relevance in the face of rising inflation. However, for now, there is no agreement between the company and the unions, and there is even talk of breaking up. According to union sources, the teleco is offering additional wage increases of 1% per year until 2024, some under different conditions depending on the CPI.

In a statement, CCOO points out that the company, once different positions have been adjusted after the traditional reviews of 2022 already carried out and the future one of 2023 that it foresees in the same line, that is, a 1.5% salary increase (distributed in 1 % considered linear and 0.5% at the discretion of the company that links in some way to good performances), offered an additional 1% in the form of a lump sum payment in July 2022 and 2023 for all employees except management teams.

If in 2024, the accumulated CPI for 2022 and 2023 was higher than 6%, the teleco would proceed to pay another single and non-consolidable 1% payment.

According to UGT, although none of these payments could be consolidated, the agreement would mean a total of an additional 3% salary increase for years 22 and 23, which as a whole and in its entirety would be talking about a general 6% average increase in two years.

In any case, there is no agreement, and there is even talk of breaking up. UGT affirms that in all the meetings it has defended that the payments that were given could be consolidated in the salaries, a situation that, according to the union, was unaffordable for the company. In addition, UGT defends that, given the possibility that an agreement will not be reached, and its consequences would be that there would be no type of salary review for thousands of employees, it was inclined to close that agreement.

In turn, CCOO considers the review proposal in the GBUs insufficient, and defends its criteria of not endorsing the agreement, considering the offer insufficient. According to the union, “the company only intends to patch up and not alleviate increases in the shopping bag, which, being circumstantial, will leave a structural delay that condemns us to a resounding loss of purchasing power.”

From Telefónica it is pointed out that “we are convinced that we will reach an agreement with the social agents. Union agreements have always been relevant to us and we will continue to build the future together. We have done so in the past and we will continue to do so, since we all share the common goal of seeking the best for the future of our employees and the company”.

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