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Aarón Molina was attracted to the blockchain, started mining bitcoins and, noticing how hot his equipment was giving off, he came up with the idea of ​​setting up a company to combat this problem in the midst of a cryptocurrency boom. It’s called Therminer. It was created in 2021 and was born from the hand of a partner: Gonzalo García Iranzo. Between the two they put together 100,000 euros to start. “We started with our own funds because we wanted to show that the technology works, have clients and scale,” explains García Iranzo, who assures that Therminer’s goal is to democratize access to bitcoin mining, which not everyone can do from home, and ensure that all the energy used for it contributes to decarbonising. They are also targeting data centers, which are becoming more and more popular every day.

The liquid cooling boiler that they have created allows for the extraction of 90% of the heat emitted by the mining center in the form of hot water, so that this hot water can be used in places of great consumption: industries, shopping centers or residential buildings, for example. “This allows us to eliminate cooling costs, reduce infrastructure costs and increase the useful life of equipment while reusing energy. In short, it makes it possible to create more profitable, safe and sustainable centers”, according to the entrepreneur.

Therminer has a data center in Aranda de Duero (Burgos) with two computers of 40 kilowatts each, but they intend to set up 20 in a year. They have just opened a warehouse in Soria to start manufacturing and are looking for four or five engineers and technicians to join the 5-person workforce there. It is also looking for large energy consumers with whom to form alliances to be able to serve them as a source of heat, such as heating or solar panel installation companies, property managers and department stores.

The company’s clients are private investors, who are assured that mining bitcoins is a more profitable process than buying them. Therminer sells tickets of 1,000 euros for it. “We want everyone to be able to access cryptocurrencies with little money,” says García Iranzo. “In order to mine, an individual must have equipment that costs a minimum of 12,000 euros,” he explains. At the moment they have 16 clients and by the end of the year they intend to reach 800. Since July 2021 their turnover has risen to 160,000 euros and they are profitable from the start, says the entrepreneur, who has seen how the price of cryptocurrencies has plummeted It has affected investor confidence. In fact, a project they had in Paraguay has been stopped, although Therminer intends to go to that country, where energy is cheaper. Their idea is to grow fast and for this they intend to launch an investment round of one million dollars in the United States.

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