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Renewable energies are in the spotlight. As Europe seeks to free itself from Russian hydrocarbons, governments, companies and citizens accelerate their commitment to more energy from the sun and the wind (especially) and innovations in energy efficiency systems. The transition to a more sustainable model is taking shape at a fast pace, but with an ideal virtuous cycle: with a continuous fall in production costs and great technological progress. Spain is advancing at a good pace.

Last year, the record for electricity generated from renewable sources was broken, with 46.7% of the total, with wind power as the leader and photovoltaic as the one that rebounded the most. But there is still room for further growth. To do this, some 256 companies, including 59 foreigners, will meet at the Genera 2022 International Energy and Environment Fair. The event, which will be held from June 14 to 16 at Ifema Madrid, will address its twenty-fifth edition and in it the R&D effort of a cutting-edge activity will be shown. “The fair has evolved at the same pace as the sector, aligned with the path to decarbonization, its acceleration of the ecological transition and the commitment to make the economy compatible with the greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2030 and 2050. ″, says Lola González, director of Genera 2022.

Wind challenges

The wind sector will be one of the protagonists at the event. Although it has had a brilliant development in recent years —the Spanish park has produced 23% of the electricity that has been consumed, being the first technology in the mix— it still has great challenges ahead. Among them, the new auctions in the market, the regulation of access and connection, the launch of the first hybrid parks, the approach of the bases on renewable hydrogen or the development of floating offshore wind power stand out. All these issues will be discussed among the different participants in the event.

Genera 2022 will above all be a space dedicated to innovation. “The ecological transition towards a carbon-neutral economy is an opportunity in environmental, social and economic terms”, highlights González. “At Genera 2022 we will be able to see how the renewables industry, including the leading firms, will show their best innovative profile,” he highlights. For example, Lonelight will present Solar GEM, a mobile photovoltaic solution, whose solar panels are moved in containers. The plates are pre-wired and pre-assembled, unfolding in 30 minutes and folding in 45 minutes. The solution is scalable to any capacity. The company Aerotools will exhibit ATOM, a tool for drone inspection of photovoltaic systems. Similarly, the firm Abora Solar will be present with its hybrid solar panels, which combine photovoltaic and thermal energy. A panel from this company promises the same energy as four conventional panels.

Technologies related to the world of thermoelectric, biomass, hydraulic, geothermal, cogeneration and green hydrogen will also occupy an important part of the fair. In addition to the commercial exhibition, a complete program of technical conferences and round tables will be developed. These discussion tables will discuss climate change, local energy communities, new regulations applied to the sector, the importance of energy savings and European funds, which are driving the industry. “The Next Generation funds are reaching the sector and are going to make a decisive contribution to boosting and revitalizing this economic segment,” says González.

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.


The event, which has the support of the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy, IDAE (Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge), will serve as the stage to present the Report on the Global Status of Renewable Energies 2022, carried out by Ren21. In addition, the next International Renewable Energy Conference (SPIREC), which will take place in February 2023, will be announced right there. face-to-face”, concludes González.

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