Video analysis | Is Macron’s power in danger with the legislative elections in France? | on video

France goes to the polls again on Sunday the 19th, in the second round of legislative elections marked by a record abstention in its first round, held this past Sunday: 53% of French people missed the electoral appointment. The Ensemble list (Together), by Emmanuel Macron, was the most voted, with 25.75%, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior at the end of the vote. A very short distance, just over 21,000 votes, was the proposal chosen by Jean Luc Mélenchon.

In the video that accompanies this piece of news, the correspondent for EL PAÍS in France, Marc Bassets, analyzes to what extent the presence of the left-wing veteran threatens the strength of the current president. The great novelty is visualized in the exceptional results of Mélenchon, who has managed to bring together the entire left under the same acronym: the left of the New Popular Ecologist and Social Union (NUPES). As Bassets explains, Mélenchon’s candidacy fights to be the leading political force and will not make it easy for his main rival: “He wants to force Emmanuel Macron to appoint him as prime minister.”

The polls for Sunday predict that the president will have a narrower parliamentary majority than five years ago and place the Mélenchonists as the leading opposition force. The question is, will Macron achieve an absolute majority or will he alone aspire to a relative majority? In the next five days a new campaign will begin that will decide the final vote for June 19, where the 577 deputies that make up the National Assembly will be appointed.

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