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Leroy Merlin garden furniture.
Leroy Merlin garden furniture.

As small as it is and as little as the budget available, any terrace or balcony can be transformed into a kind of oasis in which to escape from the troubles of the city. These outdoor spaces have already proven their tremendous importance during the pandemic and lockdowns. Above all, for those who did not have this remedy. Two years later, they have not lost faithful.

Around seven out of ten homes in Spain have a terrace or balcony, according to Ikea. Most mortals enjoy not too generous spaces. “37% have a terrace with an average of 16.1 square meters and 33% have a balcony with an area of ​​about 4.1 square meters,” says Manuel Delgado, head of interior design for the Swedish group. In its stores, the minimum price for a solution for a small balcony, between three and five square meters, with a table, chairs, parasol, textiles and gardening is 194 euros. For terraces of 15 square meters, which also include a dining room and a sofa, it goes up to 600 euros.

There is no reason to make large outlays, especially if the space is limited. In Leroy Merlin they remember that “chair and table sets can be found from 87 euros, outdoor wall lights from 20 euros and artificial grass from 4.19 euros per square meter”. Although the investment can be even smaller if recycled elements are used, for example pallets. “We can give a new face to the terrace from 15 or 20 euros with a pallet and a pot of chalk paint or a plant,” they add in Habitisiimo.

The key to getting the most out of these spaces is not to fill them with useless furniture that dwarfs the space. “Functional spaces are sought, with clean, bright lines that connect with nature. Spaces with many plants predominate, helping to create oases and places of calm outside the house”, summarized in Leroy Merlin.

The pavement can be ceramic, stone, artificial grass or wood suitable for exteriors. “Wood provides warmth and is an insulating material,” says Delgado. A pack of nine acacia wood tiles costs around 23 euros. Although you have to take into account the climatic conditions of the place where you live (frost, extreme temperatures…). And the maintenance. “The wood is treated with vegetable oils and needs to be repainted. If we don’t want to be on the lookout, perhaps the best option is to use porcelain tiles” they recognize in Habitissimo. Jute and natural fiber rugs are a trend and, in addition, serve to insulate from cold and heat.

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What should not be missing in an outdoor space is a set of table and chairs, even if there are only two. If there are only a few meters, it is best to fold them and even more space is gained if the table is fixed to the railing of the terrace or balcony. There are as a bar and folding. They can be made of wood, steel, bamboo or rattan. Any piece of furniture needs a cushion. “Tropical prints and bright colors are a trend,” they say at Leroy Merlin.

Vegetation is essential and in small spaces it is best to opt for hanging pots, vines or vertical urban gardens. Without forgetting to install some element of solar protection that, in addition, provides privacy. Parasols, for example, are very practical for balconies and cost from 10 to 760 euros. A very economical and decorative option is shade sails. Some are capable of blocking up to 90% of ultraviolet rays and allow different anchor points. There are from 45 euros. Then there are the fixed awnings, whose price ranges from 80 to 350 euros.

Ikea terrace.
Ikea terrace.

In lighting, we must bet on solar lamps, which have removable batteries that are charged with solar energy. “The best light is indirect and diffused, capable of creating a cozy and warm atmosphere,” says the person in charge of interior design at Ikea. Fixed LED spotlights can be installed to mark the perimeter of the terrace, which will help make the space appear larger. There are other options, such as solar garlands or LED strips. If there is space, swings and seesaws can be placed from 199 euros. And if we talk about penthouses with terraces of up to 100 meters, you can think of sofas, dining rooms, orchards, barbecues or swimming pools (provided that a technician certifies that the floor supports the weight).

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