The controversial video of Rodolfo Hernández at a party on a yacht in Miami | Presidential Elections Colombia

The presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández has been involved in a new controversy. Two days before the elections, the magazine Change He has published a video where Hernández can be seen partying in Miami, on board a yacht with women and businessmen. Another attendee is the candidate’s son, Luis Carlos Hernández, who is involved in the Vitalogic case, for which Rodolfo Hernández is also charged. According to a source quoted by the magazine, “the expenses were covered by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, interested in expanding its business in Colombia, and several of its executives were present.”

The pharmacist, to questions of Change, He assured that no one from the company met with the businessman last week, when in the final stretch of the campaign, Hernández traveled to Miami, but did not respond about October 2021, when the party was held. For those dates, the former mayor of Bucaramanga had already launched his candidacy for the Presidency of Colombia. In a Pfizer statement released on social networks, the company assures that no person representing Pfizer attended, participated in or financed said situation at the party on the Yacht. “Pfizer emphatically rejects the assertion that Mr. Christopher Ariyan, Pfizer Country Manager for the Andean Cluster, was on that same date, on October 9, 2021, on a yacht in Miami with presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández, or in some other occasion. Mr. Ariyan does not know him, has never met or spoken with him, “they say.

A few days ago some images of the candidate had been released aboard a luxurious yacht. The subject had passed more or less unnoticed because the only thing that could be seen was the businessman dancing with a woman. The complete recording of Saturday, October 9, 2021 is now known. According to the magazine, the yacht is worth 4.5 million dollars and renting it for six hours around 20 million Colombian pesos (5,000 dollars).

According to journalist Daniel Coronell, a man named Marcio Ramos Pinto acted as the ship’s generous host and informed them that anything they wanted was covered. The journalist asked candidate Hernández about these events, but never received an answer.

Hernández did react today to the publication. In his social networks he has criticized that people think it’s bad that he is on vacation in Miami in 2021, but that they don’t think it’s bad that Petro gets drunk. “With tremendous drunkenness, he got up on the platforms to speak to the voters, not even the Petrovideos, the pillory pact and their criminal strategy. They are desperate,” he has said.

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