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June 19, 2022 will mark a milestone in the history of Colombia. For the first time a leftist candidate is elected to govern. Gustavo Petro, today president-elect, represents a sector that had been chased away, even by bullets, from power. The elected vice president, France Marquez, is the first black woman elected in such high dignity. A victim of the conflict, she is an environmental leader, in the past she worked as an employee of the service. It is without a doubt a legendary deed that of Petro and Márquez.

The Historic Pact campaign achieved a considerable advantage over the unexpected and uncontrollable “engineer” Rodolfo Hernández, whose exposure to Colombians the past three weeks managed to scare part of the electorate that he supposedly would receive automatically from Federico Gutiérrez. In any case, the speech of fear of Petro was a powerful narrative that dominated these elections. Panicked investors, Petro clauses everywhere, businessmen, union leaders, people from all corners of the industrial sector announced that the arrival of Petro would result in a democratic and economic debacle for Colombia and that we would become Venezuela.

By Ana Bejarano Ricaurte

In the picture, of Mauricio Duenas Castaneda For Efe, the elected president, Gustavo Petro, celebrates with Francia Márquez.

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