Video | Refugee Day: this is how the flows have changed during the war in Ukraine | on video

Last Saturday, a group of people boarded a train in Pokrovsk, Donetsk province, to leave behind their homes in the Ukrainian Donbas and seek a future away from the bloodiest fighting of the war. The scene is reminiscent of those that proliferated in the early days of the Russian invasion, but there are some notable differences, such as the fact that there are now far fewer people and that this time their goal is not to leave their country.

In this video, on the occasion of World Refugee Day celebrated this Monday, we show how the flows of refugees and displaced people in Ukraine have changed due to the war. Five million people have settled in other European countries in this time. Many more left, but about 2.5 million have already returned to their country. In the case of the displaced, the figure exceeds seven million people.

One of the consequences of all these population movements is that for the first time in history the number of 100 million refugees and displaced persons worldwide has been exceeded, as recently revealed by UNHCR.

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