Giuseppe Conte promises loyalty to the government: the support of the Movement “is not in question”.

A support reaffirmed, in fact, also in Montecitorio where Mario Draghi, before the EU Council, collects the solid yes of the majority and applause. Particularly when, in a vibrant unscheduled speech, he explains the importance of support the defense of Kiev with weapons and sanctions, so that she is not submissive. Strong words with which the premier, strengthened by Luigi Di Maio’s farewell to the 5 stars, takes on a delicate topic for the majority of him – that of military aid – to clarify, once and for all, which side is the Italy and why. Then, together with the Foreign Minister and other members of the executive, he goes up to the Quirinale: the traditional working lunch, before leaving for Brussels, in which the head of government and the President of the Republic confirm the axis on the line to be taken in Europe.

At the center of the meeting at the Colle is Italy’s commitment to the EU path of Ukraine and the Western Balkans, the increase in the spread, the energy and food crisis. Finally, the future of Europe which sees our country in favor of modifying the request for unanimity in favor of majority voting mechanisms. The premier, after putting the tensions over the majority resolution behind him, is preparing to participate in the European Council with renewed strength. The Chamber not only passes the address of the majority, but also one of the FdI.

A text, approved with the abstention of the parties that support the government, which provides for “support for the resistance of the Ukrainian people in order to obtain a just peace as soon as possible”. And it is also to the opposition that the Prime Minister addresses when, in a heartfelt tone, he illustrates the two points of view facing each other on Ukraine: “One is mine, Ukraine must defend itself, and the sanctions, the ‘sending weapons, that’s what they are for. The other is different: let’s let Ukraine submit’ “.

The split in the Five Stars from a threat to the stability of the government, for now, seems to have become an element for its stability. And the undisputed support for the executive becomes a refrain in the Movement, which – weakened by the farewell of Luigi Di Maio – is currently setting aside the combative and vindictive tones of recent times to preach loyalty. Conte does it, but also a large part of ministers, undersecretaries, parliamentarians. But there are also the off-screen voices, like that of Stefano Buffagni, which sounds like an alarm bell: “We’ll see”, he replies to those who ask him if the M5s will continue to support Draghi. Certainly, without the restraint of the governors (now exited), ‘the people’s advocate’ will have to deal more and more with the hard and pure wing of the Movement and will be called to a great mediation effort to reconcile the battles for values pentastellati, the permanence in the majority and the keeping of the Giallorossi alliance. The split did not surprise the secretary dem Enrico Letta who, keeping away from the Conte-Di Maio dispute, and makes it clear that the priority is “to field an idea of ​​Italy for the next five years”, then “to share it with the allies. I reject the idea that we should start from alliances “.

The CDM also meets during the day: Di Maio is not there (he is on a mission in Serbia) and no one mentions the travails of the 5s. The executive approves the decree extending to the third quarter the measures to contain the prices of electricity and gas bills and for the guarantees for companies that store gas. “We have been on the merits of the measures – says Elena Bonetti – The government is stable”.

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