With the farewell of Luigi Di Maio and the parliamentarians who have decided to follow him in the group Together for the future, the 5-star movement passes from 155 to 105 deputies, from 72 to 61 senators and loses five of the eleven between undersecretaries and deputy ministers in the Movimento quota. While waiting to understand if the question of rebalancing the commissions will arise, in the meantime the League becomes the largest group in the Chamber (132 members) and, as soon as the Ipf component in the Mixed group at Palazzo Madama is formed, the party of Matteo Salvini it will have the same 61 senators as the M5s.

In the Chamber, the group created by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio becomes the fifth in size, with 51 deputies, including Antonio Lombardo, who had left the M5s at the end of 2020 passing through various acronyms, most recently Coraggio Italia. Together for the future it will be able to count on four presidents of permanent commissions in the Chamber and two in the bicameral chambers, plus two presidents in parliamentary delegations to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and to the Council of Europe.

“Together” can also count 4 representatives in the Bureau of the Chamber: a quaestor and three secretaries. In the government team, on the other hand, apart from the holder of the Farnesina, the other ministers expressed by Giuseppe Conte’s party remain in the M5s, namely Federico D’Incà (Relations with Parliament), Stefano Patuanelli (Agriculture) and Fabiana Dadone (Youth policies) , in addition to Deputy Ministers Alessandra Todde (Economic Development), Undersecretaries Carlo Sibilia (Internal), Ilaria Fontana (Mite), Giancarlo Cancelleri (Mims), Rossella Accoto (Labor) and Barbara Floridia (Education). Instead, the Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castelli, Undersecretaries Manlio Di Stefano (Foreign), Dalila Nesci (South), Pierpaolo Sileri (Health) and Anna Macina (Justice) land in the IPF.


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