“I am very clear, and quite serene, the underlying theme is this. We, the Democratic Party, have a great responsibility, we had it at the beginning and we have it now: to field an idea of ​​Italy for the next five We must then share it with the allies. I reject the idea that we should start with alliancesthat’s why I talked about the field. “This was said by the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta, guest of the episode of Porta a porta broadcast tonight on Rai1, in light of the split between M5s and Ipf.

The split “I expected a little, a little bit that the situation was tense, there were points of distinction, let’s say it didn’t take us by surprise,” he said.

“One wonders in the Democratic Party who is closest to Conte and who to Di Maio. In the Democratic Party it is closer to the Democratic Party. And the Democratic Party reacts by taking on the responsibility of being even stronger and more productive, the responsibility is on us to build the proposal for the next few years “, said Letta.

To Giuseppe Conte and Luigi Di Maio, “I asked both of them, for what little I could do, that being together, being united, is a value. They listened, but I have no qualifications to give advice,” said Letta. “I really think – she added – that especially at this moment we need a lot of attention from everyone”. “They are challenging choices, I think and hope these choices can be managed,” she explained.

“We will understand what will happen in the coming weeks. I am extremely respectful of the troubles of the other political forces, I only hope that all this does not go to the advantage of the center-right, which already has an advantage on Sunday in the ballots and in the upcoming elections. I hope that everyone plays there. game being as effective as possible “, continued Letta.

We have some experience of splitting, but not only the left, also the Christian Democrat world. Everything that gave birth to the Democratic Party has behind it stories of very marked splits, with quarrels of decades “, observed Letta.” The same Democratic Party that is united today, when it was led by Renzi it underwent the splitting of Article 1 and Renzi himself split up from that of Zingaretti – he added -. Our Democratic Party has been amputated from parts of parliamentary groups, even Calenda himself. We have a certain experience of splits, always with a certain attention to say that personal relationships in politics count for a lot, if they end up flaring up … “

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