“When I took the final exam, I was a very strange girl, very different from my classmates and I didn’t know yet that my story would have a happy ending, which was love. That day, when I went out. from the Italian test, in reality, I didn’t know who to say it to my nephew Filippo took the final exams with the great complicity and the great love that exists between us and told me: Grandma, I couldn’t do the essay on youI chose the music “.

Senator for life Liliana Segre is not at all displeased with the choices made by her nephew, after the Ministry of Education has also inserted a text of her in the traces of the first test of maturity.

Quite the opposite: on the phone with ‘Hebrew Pages’ he expresses surprise and appreciation. Also because – he then tells the reporters – the choice comes precisely on the day in which the Commission that bears his name gives the‘unanimous ok to the final document on the fact-finding investigation on nature, causes and recent developments of the hate speech phenomenon: “the combination that in the traces of maturity there is my person just today that this vote arrived seemed to me to be winning, since I fight against injustices in the first person”. A unanimity that was not taken for granted. “Let us remember that from the first day it was not accepted unanimously, that despite the Commission’s objective being the fight against hate speech many have tried to make exceptions. But then in the end the conclusions are voted on by everyone” .

“The title of the book chosen by the ministry for the trace, ‘The only fault of being born’, an essay published by Garzanti and signed together with the magistrate Gherardo Colombo, explains the senator to Pagine Ebraiche” is the development of my thought, having been victim for the sole fault of being born. What I did not expect is that it would become a trace of maturity “. It is an important sign, therefore underlines the life senator who survived Auschwitz,” both for the children who now get all their news from mobile phones and for their parents, who at the time of the persecution they were not born. And who often ignore what happened “. Then the senator goes back to talking about her grandson.” Among the themes is the unexpected title about the grandmother who took her whole life to explain that one can be killed for the sole fault of being born ” .


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