The day after Luigi Di Maio’s split, while the Together for the Future group was born in the House, headed by the Foreign Minister, the Speaker of the Chamber Roberto Fico accuses: “The split is an operation of power and not a political one, which is different. And it was used with unprecedented instrumentality “. Even the former mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino is critical of Di Maio’s choice.” As I have always said – he underlines – my political home is that of the Movimento 5 Stelle and, as long as there is a shared idea of ​​the future, this will continue to be “.” Yesterday – he writes – Luigi Di Maio and several parliamentarians made a choice that I absolutely do not agree with, but that does not cancel what we have done and experienced together in all these years. Which, for better or for worse, has led us to be who we are “.

The leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte – in the meantime – assures its support for the Draghi government. “Support for Draghi is not in question,” Conte said speaking to reporters outside the party headquarters. “The Movement will remain the first political force to deal with all those issues, from social justice to ecological transition, which are part of the backbone of the 5 Star Movement”.

Among the five-star rows, however, the desire to give a signal to the outside and discontinuity grows after Di Maio’s heavy farewell. Conte himself does not hide the problem: “We in the government are there and we will be there as long as we are able to protect the interests of citizens and continue our battles” warns the president, prefiguring at the next meeting – “a confrontation in the week” – with Draghi, a series of new stakes to guarantee the support of the 5 stars to the government. Meanwhile, Conte collects the support of Roberto Fico, a ‘prestige’ visit today. The President of the Chamber is in fact one of the few true “testimonials” of the Movement of the “origins” with a relevant institutional weight. Fico and Conte gladly let themselves be photographed together, for a quick snack consumed a few steps from the headquarters in Via Campo Marzio accompanied by the pentastellato staff: Vito Crimi and Paola Taverna, Roberta Lombardi, Mario Turco and Nunzia Catalfo, among others.

And in that pause both Fico and Conte try to smooth out the frictions that have already emerged on the strength of support for the government. His former Deputy Minister for Development, Stefano Buffagni, provoked the debate. “Stay in the government? Let’s evaluate, let’s see, we have to think about it, don’t you think? In my opinion it will be one of the many issues to be addressed”, declares the deputy to the reporters who meet him in front of the 5s headquarters. In the offices of the Movement, the parliamentarian would have put the same pressure on Conte and his party colleagues. All hell broke out: Stefano Patuanelli, head of government delegation, deputy minister Alessandra Todde and other exponents who left the meeting strongly deny the will to leave the executive. A note from Conte’s staff, Buffagni himself and those present at the top of Via Campo Marzio denies that the rags have flown. Then also Conte denies in every way the intention of wanting to tear up with Draghi: “absolutely I will not question our support for the government”. Nor does he intend to ask for the minister’s head: “I would let Di Maio question himself with his conscience and decide, I will not ask for his resignation” as the M5s rules would like. Fico is almost harder with Di Maio, his former antagonist. “The split is an operation of power and not a political one, which is different”.

But Fico tries to turn the page: “For me the split that took place yesterday is already the past. There are many issues to deal with. Splits are the great classic of politics and a great banality of politics. A banality that distances citizens from Institutions “. And to turn the page he talks about new initiatives, starting from Campania in the coming days. Where, however, while there are rumors of new farewells to the M5s of first-rate exponents, it happens that the whole council group of the M5s of Pomigliano d’Arco has decided to follow the minister by switching to “Together for the future”. Also at the regional level, the group leader 5s and vice-president of the Regional Council Valeria Ciarambino could pass with Di Maio. With Di Maio in Campania “there is no competition, it wasn’t even there before because we are in different colleges. It is nonsense” Fico dampens who soon announces a meeting of the elected officials in Campania “that we meet to solve the problems of citizens”. In the evening there is also the stumbling block of the parliamentarians, those who remain: it is up to Conte to convince them that he has made the right choice. It is up to him to stop possible new bleeding. On the other hand, the party of one is worth one, now it also quarrels about its opposite: “that one cannot be worth one, I said it first and it was almost an element of rupture in a community that from the very beginning said the opposite. “Giuseppe Conte also claims the day after Di Maio.

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