“The conflict unleashed by Moscow for anachronistic ambitions for power requires a clear, unified and solidary response, in order to restore conditions of peace”, said the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, at the inaugural session of the National Cooperation Conference to development.

“The contribution of the communities of foreign citizens present in Italy” is “precious” for “knowledge among our countries”, said Mattarella, at the National Conference on Development Cooperation. “The work of immigrants generates positive repercussions in the functioning of our production and welfare system, and together it contributes to the development of the countries of origin – he added -. The remittances generated in the world towards low and middle income countries amounted only in 2021 to about 550 billion euros “.

“The pandemic has made it clear that in an interconnected world there are no local solutions to global challenges, such as those of the health emergency, climate change, extreme poverty, food insecurity”.


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