Video | Russia looks at Kharkiv again: analysis of Putin’s offensive in eastern Ukraine | on video

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, has been one of Russia’s main targets since the beginning of the war. Its location in the northeast of the country and close to the Donbas area (barely 40 kilometers from the border) makes it an attractive target for the Kremlin. However, the Ukrainian troops managed to drive the Russians back in late May, mitigating the attacks. A month later, Putin is once again looking at this great metropolis and unloading his arsenal against residential areas, public buildings and private companies. In the last week the city has been the target of Russian missiles four times. Only this Wednesday an attack has killed at least 15 people. The video that accompanies this news explains the strategy followed by the Kremlin leader in his offensive in eastern Ukraine, and the relevance of this enclave.

Also, in the video you can find:

  • Images of the attacks of the last week.
  • Maps illustrating the location of Kharkiv.
  • Maps illustrating the areas taken by the Russian army from the beginning of the invasion to the present day.
  • Images from the beginning of the war, when the first missiles hit the second Ukrainian city.

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