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Amazon continues with its commitment to grow in Spain, where it will create 2,000 new permanent jobs throughout 2022, which will allow it to close this year with a total workforce of 20,000 permanent employees. “At Amazon, we offer all kinds of jobs for all kinds of people. In the last two years we have created an average of more than 100 permanent jobs a week, throughout the country, and all of them with a competitive salary and a complete package of benefits such as pension plans or life insurance”, has said the director of Amazon Customer Fulfillment in France, Italy and Spain, Fred Pattje during the presentation of the #SeasComoSeas campaign, which encourages citizens to discover which position they can best fit among the jobs offered by the company.

Specifically, the average salary of Amazon employees in Madrid and Barcelona stands at 1,700 euros per month, which means being 45% above the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI). The multinational has indicated that it is currently hiring people of all kinds of profiles and educational levels, including more than 500 positions in technology positions, as well as cloud experts and solution architects for Amazon Web Services. In this way, the e-commerce giant, which has a logistics network of more than 30 centers, would become one of the ten largest employers in Spain and continues to advance in its goal of reaching 25,000 permanent employees by the end of 2025.

Impact of the pandemic

The director of Amazon Customer Fulfillment in France, Italy and Spain has also highlighted the indirect jobs created by marketplace in Spain through the 12,000 Spanish SMEs that sell their products on the platform. “These SMEs are increasing their workforce, as around 25% have expanded their teams,” Pattje pointed out. Regarding the entry into force of the new labor reform, the multinational has recognized that “it has not had as much impact”, since for several years it has opted to have permanent employees, using only temporary ones when it is allowed. In this way, 36% of the current Amazon workforce in Spain is made up of women, 38% is under 30 years of age and has workers from 100 countries.

On the other hand, the director of Amazon Consumption Spain and Italy, Alfonso Serrano, explained that the pandemic was “a complicated moment”, a period in which the company invested 150 million euros to face the new situation and in which to change up to 150 processes to ensure “the safety and health conditions of employees, and shipments to customers.” “There were changes at many levels and we also had the responsibility of making the deliveries at that time. We created an environment of more flexibility, something that has remained in the company for now”, explained Serrano.

In 2021, Amazon registered total gross income from its activities in Spain of 6,000 million euros, which is 11% more than the 5,400 million euros registered last year. In addition, it contributed to the state coffers with more than 292 million euros last year, 11.8% more.

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