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Vodafone has decided to hit the top of the table in the competitive Spanish telecommunications market with new, simpler and more complete rates, and without price increases. The new offer concentrates the number of plans, adding unlimited mobile data or increasing the download speed in packages with fiber, but maintaining or reducing the current price.

With these changes, the British operator tries to keep up with the growing low-cost telecommunications market, which already accounts for more than 50% of the total in Spain, and in which brands such as Digi, MásMóvil or Lowi itself (the second brand marketed by Vodafone) are pulverizing prices. The move also comes after Telefónica’s announcement last May of its new miMovistar flexible rate plan to replace Movistar Fusión. Nor is it alien to this maneuver to prepare the ground to face the ongoing union between Orange and MásMóvil. The merger will close in mid-July between both companies, although its effectiveness will still take until the end of 2023 due to the approval of the community authorities.

Delete promotions

The philosophy is to eliminate most of the continuous promotions that the operator applied throughout the year and that confused and, in many cases, annoyed the customer, and make these discounts on rates permanent. “We are committed to a simpler, totally flexible and predictable offer so that customers can have controlled spending at all times”, explained Hisham Hendi, director of the Vodafone Spain Consumer Unit.

The first characteristic of the new portfolio is simplicity. Vodafone reduces its offer to four new convergent rates with high-speed fiber at 600Mbps or 1Gbps and two mobile-only plans with unlimited data and 5G. In addition, the two mobile tariffs of Vodafone yu, Big Yuser and Heavy Yuser, release new features while maintaining their current price. This proposal includes unlimited mobile rates, from 25 euros per month, and convergent rates with 600Mbps fiber, from 49 euros.

The new convergent proposal includes four tariffs. The most affordable is Vodafone One Unlimited Basic, with a mobile line with unlimited calls and unlimited data at 10 Mbps speed, fiber at 600Mbps from 49 euros per month. Vodafone One Unlimited Max, with mobile with unlimited calls and unlimited data at maximum 5G speed and 600Mbps fiber, Vodafone TV with 30 channels, a second line with 200 minutes and 15GB; and Vodafone TV decoder from 55 euros per month. Vodafone One Unlimited Duo includes two mobile lines with unlimited calls and unlimited data at maximum 5G speed, fiber optics at 600Mbps, Vodafone TV with 60 channels and Vodafone TV packs with HBO Max and Amazon Prime or Disney+ and Amazon Prime, with a Vodafone TV decoder 4K included from 70 euros. And Vodafone One Unlimited Home, which adds 1Gbps fiber optics, 100 channels and OneNumber and Secure Net Family services for 90 euros per month.

All new pricing plans continue to offer roaming included in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom so that they can use the rate as if they were in Spain.

As a novelty, Vodafone yu mobile rates maintain their current price and, as of June 30, customers will have unlimited data in their rates during the weekend. Vodafone yu Big Yuser includes 20GB, unlimited data on weekends and unlimited minutes for 15 euros per month; and Vodafone yu Heavy Yuser includes 30GB, unlimited data on weekends and unlimited minutes for 20 monthly.

Hendi has ensured that these rates will be compatible with the arrival of Vodafone Energy, which will be added as an additional service. Hendy has also hinted that the marketer’s debut will indeed be accompanied by promotions, with the aim of creating a customer base. In the same way, he has remarked that the firm will launch in a few months its product of router 5G and has highlighted the firm’s commitment to content although, when asked about the broadcast of football, he stressed that the company is committed to those that generate a benefit for the company and users.

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