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The principle of agreement with Turkey to unlock its candidacy for NATO threatens the Swedish Government

One of NATO’s main objectives at the Madrid summit was to lift Turkey’s veto over the Swedish and Finnish bids for the Atlantic Alliance. On Tuesday, the three countries reached an agreement that unlocks the application, which was officially presented on Wednesday. But, in Stockholm, the news has made a bad impression among the political parties that support the Government of Magdalena Andersson from outside.

Especially to the deputy Amineh Kakabaveh, of Kurdish origin, who during the last two months has been the key vote that has saved the Executive (whose support block has a minimum majority of 175 of the 349 seats in Parliament) in two important votes: censorship of the Minister of Justice and the approval of budgets. Kakabaveh, a dissident from the Left Party, told SVT public television that “this is a black day in Swedish political history; we are negotiating with an Islamist dictatorship. Why should the Kurds be sacrificed for being part of the NATO?”.

Kakabaveh has asked the progressive parties in Parliament to gather the 35 votes necessary to request the appearance of Foreign Minister Ann Linde. The Green Party, with 16 seats, has joined the petition. “We have gone from a tradition of peacekeeping missions to bowing to an authoritarian regime that has a long list of human rights violations on its conscience,” party spokeswoman Märta Stenevi told SVT.

Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson promised this morning in Madrid that Sweden “will always act in accordance with the law and international conventions and will never deport Swedish citizens.” “Whoever does not participate in terrorist activities, he has no reason to worry,” she said.

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