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When Miguel Ángel Muñoz was asked if he knew how to dance before getting his role in the series A step forward he decided to buy time before letting reality defeat him. And the reality was that she “knew absolutely nothing” about dancing. So she had to improvise. “I avoided every audition by pretending he was sick. Actually, what I did was go to an academy for three months eight hours a day to learn how to move and be able to keep up with my peers. It was a huge effort”, confesses the interpreter in this chapter of much to dothe CaixaBank program dedicated to financial culture.

Miguel Ángel Muñoz has spent a good part of his professional career facing challenges in which he has always pushed himself to the limit. He started his adventure in Master Chef Celebrity without knowing what a sofrito was and ended up being crowned with the award for best chef of the edition. “I knew less about cooking than dancing,” he says with a laugh. For this versatile artist, there is nothing he likes more than getting out of his comfort zone: “All my concerns have led me to try countless things. I always give myself permission to enjoy what makes me happy, and if that means doing new things, then why not?” he adds. It doesn’t matter if they are personal, sports or professional goals, Muñoz always needs them to “keep me stable, with my feet on the ground, especially in times of greatest uncertainty in the profession.”

For him, the key to achieving a goal that we thought impossible lies in having a method and working hard: “When I was younger, the goal of achieving the challenge was part of happiness. Now I see it differently, I focus more on the way to achieve it, on the effort that one puts in, on improving myself little by little and on forgiving myself every day, that is the most important thing”, he assures.

Achieving our goals is not only a matter of perseverance and work, but also knowing how to adapt to the challenges that arise along the way, qualities that also help us when dealing with the family economy, which is changing stage after stage. This is how Xavier Puig, professor of Economics and Business at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona School of Management, explains it in Much to do, during the complementary video to the actor’s interview, where it offers some keys and tools to achieve our goals and financial well-being.

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Like Miguel Ángel Muñoz, other illustrious people from culture, sports or gastronomy, among others, will spend this year at much to do to tell, through their personal experience, the importance of financial concepts such as entrepreneurship, savings, investment, family finances, indebtedness or bank security. Voices that will be complemented by the vision of finance experts Natalia de Santiago and Xavier Puig.

next to the program Much to doCaixaBank has created a hubthrough which it disseminates all the basic financial concepts linked to the most frequent vital projects of the population that can be accessed free of charge through Financial Culture | Individuals | CaixaBank, located within the entity’s global portal. CaixaBank continues to work daily with the aim of disseminating knowledge and making everyone aware of the importance of acquiring a good financial culture. In addition, it promotes training activities that cover the specific needs of young people, the elderly, entrepreneurs or people in vulnerable situations, through specialized workshops, training courses and conferences.

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