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In Spain there are more than 11,500 gas stations spread throughout the national territory and their prices sometimes vary considerably. Today, Friday, coinciding with the first operation out of the summer, in more than 9,500 service stations fuels are above two euros per liter.

Below you can check which is the gas station with the cheapest fuel in each municipality. These are data that the Ministry of Ecological Transition collects daily and that it groups in the Geoportal.

These prices are the prices that are advertised on the signs at each gas station, but users will pay a little less. On them it is necessary to apply the discount of 20 cents per liter that the Government has extended until the end of the year.

In the following map you can also check the price of gasoline at all gas stations in Madrid and its surroundings. By clicking on each point you can also consult the prices of diesel. Below you can see the same information for Catalonia.

Fuels have become more expensive throughout this year, due to geopolitical tensions and imbalances in the energy markets. Since the end of last year, gasoline has become 40% more expensive; and diesel, 56%, according to data collected by Eurostat.

The graph shows the evolution of prices from January 2020 to last week.

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