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A kilometric queue formed hours before the start of the act was the most palpable proof of the expectation generated by Donald Trump’s first rally in Alaska. On the brink of a tumultuous week, with encouragement from the congressional commission on the Capitol storming on the back of his neck, another investigation in Georgia into his attempt to reverse the 2020 election result, and a scheduled appearance before the New York attorney general, The Republican was traveling this Saturday to one of the most closely contested states ahead of the mid-term elections in November. under the motto Save America (Save the USA) the tycoon has sheltered his candidates for the House of Representatives in Anchorage, the illustrious Sarah Palin; the Senate, Kelly Tshibaka, and the Governor of the State, Mike Dunleavy.

Trump thanked the mass bath, before the audience gathered in the gigantic sports hall and before the spectators who followed the rally live thanks to a conservative platform; a key demonstration of support at a time when investigations into his attempts to continue in the White House in 2021 are closing in on his closest allies, such as his former adviser Pat Cipollone, who testified before the commission this Friday . But the judicial pressure on Trump is not the only one: he must also confirm his leadership over the Republican Party in the face of a hypothetical re-election in 2024 (“maybe we have to do it again”, he hinted tonight), and score new goals after the disparate results harvested in the primaries of other states. The fact that his candidates in Alaska, a traditionally conservative state, have lost traction in the polls in recent weeks adds even more pressure to the tycoon.

But the Republican never disappoints his public. He convinced his already convinced followers with an energetic speech, plagued with his usual platitudes or falsehoods in which he presented himself, as the programs said, as “45th President of the United States.” Despite the ongoing investigations, he insisted on the unfounded electoral fraud of 2020 among the fervor of those gathered. “I have attended [a la presidencia] twice. I have won both. And I did much better the second time [2020] than the first”, he said, starting the first great ovation of the night. “More important than the candidates is the process of counting the votes, be very attentive in November,” he urged his supporters, again inoculating the suspicion of fraud, like the one he claims to have suffered at the hands of Biden. For the current tenant of the White House he reserved countless darts: “Now he has to go to Saudi Arabia to beg for oil, when with me [en la presidencia] The US was energy independent. References to insecurity and irregular immigration and “the nightmare of the southern border”, calling the undocumented “Aliens illegal”, dotted his speech, along with his promise to hire “thousands of police officers” to end insecurity and armed violence. Of all his targets, Biden “the beggar”, to whom he attributed the “worst national humiliation” for the withdrawal from Afghanistan, was the most recurrent.

Three candidates converted into opening act

As opening act and not protagonists were the three candidates whom he supposedly went to support. Palin, star in her day of the Tea Party and governor of the State between 2006 and 2009, as well as a former vice-presidential candidate in 2008, confirms the honeymoon that began in 2016 with Trump, whom she supported as presidential candidate to the detriment of candidate Ted Cruz . But the former president’s big bet in Alaska is Tshibaka, a much more conservative, even radical, alternative to fellow Republican Lisa Murkowski, a veteran state senator -21 years in the seat- who unleashed Trump’s anger by voting in favor of its impeachment after the events of the Capitol of January 6, 2021. Murkowski is considered a pest, a renegade like Liz Cheney, by the Trumpist Republicans, and the slogan in these elections is to snatch the seat from her at any price, although the electoral system of the State can favor it, by collecting the votes of other Democratic and independent candidates eliminated in the first rounds.

The one in Alaska is a fight to the death with an unpredictable outcome. On the part of Palin, as an old acquaintance of the public and furious conservative, increasingly Trumpist, as well as a denier of the coronavirus and anti-vaccines. Tshibaka, for her part, tries to garner the support of the native Alaskans by exposing her direct rival for her support of some Biden appointments, such as fellow native Deb Haaland, Secretary of the Interior.

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In an oil-rich state where energy is a top political issue, the Biden Administration’s pro-environmental measures have angered many rural residents, who rely heavily on fossil fuel extraction. for your livelihood. Tshibaka tries to exploit that restlessness of the native community.

On the eve of the Trump rally, the Biden Administration released an environmental analysis of a major energy project in Alaska, an investment of 6,000 million dollars, and on which the White House keeps all options open, including cancellation, as it did by executive order with the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have linked Canada and Nebraska. The release of the document has been eagerly awaited by the oil industry and environmental groups since last year, when a federal judge in Alaska reversed approval of the Trump-sponsored project and called for an environmental impact assessment. Tshibaka has often accused the Biden Administration of wanting to “turn the entire State of Alaska into a national park.”

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