The German Government takes control of the refineries of the Russian Rosneft in Germany to ensure supply | International

The PCK refinery, controlled by Rosneft, in the city of Schwedt (Germany).
The PCK refinery, controlled by Rosneft, in the city of Schwedt (Germany).JOHN MACDOUGALL (AFP)

The German government will assume the guardianship of the Russian oil group Rosneft to ensure the operation of the crude oil refineries it has in its territory, including the Schwedt refinery, where the oil pipeline arrives Druzhba. The Ministry of Economy assures in a statement that with this decision it wants to ensure the energy supply in the country. It is the second time since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began that the government of Social Democrat Olaf Scholz has made a decision of this magnitude. He did it in April, at the beginning of the crisis, with Gazprom Germania, the subsidiary of the Russian state gas company, in an unprecedented move.

Rosneft’s subsidiaries in Germany – in addition to Schwedt, the PCK refinery has plants in Karlsruhe and Vohburg – account for 12% of the country’s refining capacity, making it one of the largest oil processing companies in Germany. From now on they are “under trusteeship” of the national agency responsible for managing energy networks, the Bundesnetzagentur, says the ministerial press release.

The operation of the strategic Schwedt refinery, majority controlled by Rosneft, has been greatly disrupted since the German government decided to drastically reduce its imports of Russian oil in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine and was scheduled to completely cease imports by the end of the year. .

The management of the trust comes into force this Friday and is initially limited to six months. In the case of Schwedt, which directly employs 1,200 people and supports the economy of the area, in the former East Germany, the Government has designed a “comprehensive package” with which to give “a transformational boost” to the region. Berlin will support the refinery so that the oil supply is guaranteed through alternative routes.

The takeover will allow the Government to supply the plant with oil from other countries, something that until now it had not been able to do because the company refused to use any other crude oil other than the one that arrives through the Druzhba gas pipeline (friendship, in Russian) . Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck and Brandenburg State Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke will present the package at noon.

Schwedt is not only the economic mainstay of the surrounding region. The refinery supplies fuel to much of northeastern Germany. According to the ministry, the German subsidiaries of the Russian state oil company (Rosneft, RDG and RNRM) import crude oil worth several hundred million euros from Russia to Germany every month.

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