Passenger minibus and car collided in Balikesir, 9 people were injured

Minibus and car collided in Balıkesir: 9 injured

The 10 cars with license plate AIB 865 under the administration of Eda Onak and the minibus with license plate 10 M 00082 driven by Yalçın Balık collided at 225th Street in Paşa Area Mahallesi. The minibus overturned due to the impact of the collision.

Driver Eda Onak and Nilsu Onak, minibus driver Yalçın Balık and passengers Sena Aygül, Kadriye and Barış Dilekli, Hayat Erdoğan, Nesrin Biçer and Mehmet Kultaş were injured in the accident.

Upon notification of the situation, 112 Emergency Health and police teams were dispatched to the scene. It was learned that the health conditions of the injured who were taken to the surrounding hospitals were good.

The transportation, which was disrupted on the road, returned to normal with the removal of vehicles.

The accident image, which is reflected on the security camera of a nearby workplace, includes the collision of two vehicles coming from different directions and the overturning of the minibus.

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