Statement from Istanbul Provincial Health Director Memişoğlu about the injured miners: 2 of the injured are in critical condition

Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu visited the miners and their families who were injured in the mine explosion in Bartın and were treated at Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital. Making a statement after his visit, Memişoğlu said, “First of all, condolences to our whole country. We wish God’s mercy on our martyred miners. We have the wounded here. The whole team, the hospital, our country and our state are making an effort to heal these injured people. We thank all of them, especially our teacher Nurettin. I visit patients. Currently, 5 of our patients are in intensive care. The whole team, especially our teacher Mustafa, takes care of them one-on-one. All of our teachers, from internists to chest diseases to intensive care units, work with a team spirit. They make an effort for the recovery of our patients. I hope they will take them for a moment. first they will regain their health. I thank them all in your presence,” he said.


Pointing out that they also host the relatives of the patients, Memişoğlu said, “All their needs are met in our hospital. Our friends support all of their children’s social activities, from hospitalization to their social activities. This is the hospital with the best infrastructure in the world, physically. In terms of manpower, under the leadership of our President, our country and humanity are protected. “This is an area that offers a great health service. They are trying to heal our patients with the best conditions, not in Turkey, but in the world’s best conditions,” he said.


Memişoğlu also gave information about the condition of the patients and said: “Patients with extensive burns need support not only about the burn but also about all their systems. Their first interventions were really well done. Currently, all kinds of treatments are applied even though our patients are critical. People are also curious. “The conditions of our two patients in particular are a bit critical, but I hope they will recover as well. Our other patients are also treated with all kinds of support. I convey my best wishes to everyone and our entire society. As healthcare professionals, we have all the information we can do. I hope we will discharge them from here with healing.” May Allah never let us and our society experience such sorrows again. We are a society that will overcome everything as long as we are united. I would also like to thank all the healthcare professionals who supported us and worked wholeheartedly.”

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