Additional expert report to be expected in Emrah Apartment case

New development in the case of Emrah Apartments

The trial of the building’s contractor Hayati Uzun and his technical officer Turgay Akkoçlu continued in the case of the Emrah Apartment, in which 30 people lost their lives and 8 were injured in the earthquake that occurred in İzmir on October 30, 2020.

While the decision was not announced in the case where the prosecutor repeated his opinion on the merits, the hearing was postponed to wait for the additional report from the expert.

30 people lost their lives and 8 were injured in the Emrah Apartment Building in Bayraklı, which was destroyed in the 6.6 magnitude earthquake that occurred on 30 October 2020 off the coast of Seferihisar, Izmir. Within the scope of the investigation launched after the earthquake, the building’s contractor Hayati Uzun, the static-reinforced concrete project designer and technical officer Turgay Akkoçlu and his surveyor Hüseyin Bilgin Sert were detained. While Turgay Akkoçlu was arrested by the court he was brought to, Hayati Uzun and Hüseyin Bilgin Sert were released on condition of judicial control. After the investigation, a lawsuit was filed against the suspects with the charge of ‘causing the death and injury of more than one person by conscious negligence’. Hüseyin Bilgin Sert passed away during the trial. In the third session, Turgay Akkoçlu was released.

‘My Daughter has been rotting under the ground for 2 years’

The 6th hearing of the case was held at the İzmir 4th High Criminal Court today. The pending defendants Hayati Uzun and Turgay Akkoçlu and the attorneys of the parties attended the hearing. In the case, the prosecutor said that at the hearing on June 23, he repeated his opinion that he wanted the defendants to be sentenced to up to 22.5 years in prison for the crime of ‘causing the death and injury of more than one person by conscious negligence’.


Şaziye Demir, who was resting at the hearing and lost her daughter Buse Demir in the wreckage of the Emrah Apartment, said, “I survived that earthquake with injuries. My daughter died of suffocation. Let the accused get their punishment. I only want this. I was saved by taking air thanks to a basket. “Nobody has experienced this, whoever hasn’t experienced it cannot know,” she said.

Father Osman Demir, on the other hand, the building has completely turned into a pile of sand. No protective effect. This just shows how bad the build is. While the surrounding buildings were standing, our building became a pile of sand. Everyone should be punished. “My daughter has been rotting under the ground for 2 years,” he said.

‘Such a punishment should be given so that it will be an example for Turkey’

Hasan Inan, the father of 10-year-old Elif Inan, who died in the earthquake and who was heard at the hearing, said that those who survived the earthquake survived thanks to the measures taken. Believe continued:

My daughter unfortunately fell victim to the enormity of negligence. If a bomb were dropped on this building, one side would be destroyed and the other side would be left. However, when this building was demolished, it turned into a pile of sand. Our children died of suffocation. Whatever punishment is required. This earthquake will not be the first nor the last in Turkey. Give such a punishment that it will be a lesson to Turkey, he said.


Turgay Akkoçlu, one of the defendants, arguing that the building cracked and epoxy was made in the earthquake in 2003, saying, “The result of the additional report from the expert will change. Complainants are in a difficult situation. Of course I understand their pain. It is true that they say that the bomb was scattered on the ground as if it had exploded. The fact that the bomb went off has nothing to do with the building being rotten. This is purely technical. My health is deteriorating day by day. He said we are not guilty. The other defendant, Hayati Uzun, demanded that the house arrest order be lifted.

The court decided to continue the judicial control conditions for the defendants and postponed the hearing to wait for the additional report from the expert.

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