Heavy rains negatively affected life in Artvin and Rize

Rains were effective in Artvin and Rize

According to the news of AA, some workplaces flooded in Arhavi due to the torrential rain.

After the downpour, which increased its effect in the district after noon, the drivers had a hard time on the streets and streets, and disruptions occurred in the city traffic.

Due to heavy rainfall, some water channels and manholes were blocked, and some workplaces and warehouses that were below the road level flooded.

Due to heavy rain in the district, the water level increased in Kapisre Creek, which overflowed on July 22, 2021, causing a flood.

Arhavi Municipality teams are working to open the water channels and manholes that are closed in the district where the rainfall continues at intervals.


According to the news of UAV, the heavy rain that started in Rize at noon caused the flow rates of the streams to increase and landslides.

After the warning made yesterday, the heavy rain expected as of noon today affected Rize. Due to the heavy rain that was effective in the whole city, the flow of the Arılı Stream in the Fındıklı District of Rize increased and approached the highway sink.

In Ardeşen district, heavy rain caused landslides in some areas. Due to the landslide in Gündoğan village of the district, the village road was closed to transportation. The work was started to remove the soil that went down to the road with construction machines on the road that was closed by the Rize Special Provincial Administration teams.

The image of the news was served by İHA

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