Zelensky requested an air defense system from the EU

Zelensky requested an air defense system from the EU

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy demanded that the European Union (EU) countries accelerate the procurement process of air defense systems to Ukraine.

According to the news of AA; Zelenskiy was connected to the EU Leaders’ Summit, which was held in Brussels with the participation of the heads of state and government of 27 EU member countries, which will last for 2 days, via video conference.

Expressing his pleasure to address the conference, Zelenskiy touched upon the developments in his country regarding the ongoing war against Russia.

Pointing out that the security and protection of Ukraine today actually means “protection of Europe”, Zelenskiy said that everyone should work together against threats from Russia.

Pointing out that Russia is using energy resources as a “weapon” against Europe today, Zelenskiy stated that some European countries have been dependent on Russian gas, oil and products until today.

Zelenskiy said, “It is still possible to achieve the energy independence of the European Union. Europe’s gas tanks are filling up, alternative supplies are being provided to the continent. This is your absolute success.” used the phrase.

Zelenskiy stated that as Ukraine, they started energy exports to EU countries, but to prevent this, Russian forces have recently launched attacks targeting energy infrastructures in various regions of his country.

“The attacks of Russian cruise missiles and Iranian-made UAVs destroyed more than a third of our energy infrastructure. So unfortunately we can no longer export electricity to help you stay stable (energy stability).”


Zelenskiy underlined that they need more air defense systems to stop and prevent Russian attacks on energy infrastructures and said:

“But we need more air defense and anti-missile systems to create a truly reliable air defense shield. I know that some EU countries have approved their participation in this work. I urge you to speed up the implementation of the resolutions as much as possible.

Now I am calling out to France, Italy, our other partners and those who not only produce air defense and anti-missile defense systems in Europe, but also in the USA, but also those who have the necessary systems: The more sheltered the skies in Ukraine, the better the whole Europe. The more stable life will be. We have to ensure that.”


Zelenskiy drew attention to the need for stronger sanctions against both Russia and Iran, which supplies drones to this country. Stating that Russia also uses Belarusian territory for its attacks on Ukraine, Zelenskiy emphasized that it is appropriate to add this country to the sanctions list.

Stating that the threats against Ukraine from Belarus continue, Zelenskiy emphasized that international observer teams should be deployed on the Ukraine-Belarus border and that this issue should be brought to the agenda more and more actively.

Arguing that the dam of the hydroelectric power plant located in the city of Kakhovka in the Kherson region controlled by the Russian forces and containing 18 million cubic meters of water is likely to explode, Zelenskiy stated that 80 settlements, including Kherson, are in danger.

Zelenskiy demanded that international observation teams be sent to Kakhovka, saying that the Ukrainian experts working at the plant were removed from the facility by the Russian forces.

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