He threw the knife that injured his friend in the underground garbage container and escaped.

Knife fight in Samsun: 1 injured

In Samsun, the suspect, who injured SA with a knife during a fight between a group of friends, threw the knife into the underground garbage container and fled. The knife was taken from the garbage by the municipality staff and handed over to the police.

The incident occurred at around 14.00 in the Selahiye District of İlkadım district. A fight broke out between the group of friends who were arguing for an unknown reason on the roadside. In the fight, an unidentified suspect injured his friend SA with a knife in 4 parts of his body. The suspect, who fled after the incident, threw his bloody knife into the underground garbage container on the 100th Anniversary Boulevard. The medical teams, who came to the scene upon the notice, took SA to the Training and Research Hospital.


Ilkadim District Police Department teams asked the Metropolitan Municipality for help to examine the knife. The municipal worker, who came to the container, entered the underground container and took the knife. While the knife was confiscated for examination, MT and SS were detained in relation to the incident.

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