Suspect who injured his two relatives was referred to court

Suspect who injured two relatives surrenders

The suspect of the armed attack in which the husband and wife were injured in Eskişehir surrendered to the security forces.

The suspect, who blocked the car with 27-year-old Yunus K. and his 26-year-old wife, Elif K, on ​​the 4th kilometer of the Eskişehir-Bursa highway on 19 October, shot and fled. The person who fired a gun from outside the car injured Yunus K. and his wife Elif K., who were in the vehicle, in various parts of their body.

The couple, who was injured in the attack, was taken to Yunus Emre State Hospital by 112 Emergency Service teams.

The Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams, which started work on the incident, determined that the suspect was their relative, Emrah K. (33), based on the statements of the injured, who were not life-threatening.

Emrah K., who came to the Tepebaşı District Gendarmerie Command and surrendered while the work was going on to catch the suspect, was taken into custody.

Emrah K was transferred to the courthouse after his actions at the gendarmerie.

* The image of the news was served from AA.

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