US Actor Kevin Spacey found not guilty in sexual assault case

Kevin Spacey found not guilty in sexual assault case

US theater and film actor Kevin Spacey was found not guilty in a sexual assault case that dates back decades. Spacey, at the verdict hearing in New York, swore that the allegations of Anthony Rapp, who played in the “Star Trek: Discovery” series, were not true, while the lawyers of the famous actor argued that Rapp “made up a story” by being jealous of his clients’ success in the entertainment industry.

According to the news of AA; A jury of five men and six women ruled that Oscar winner Spacey could not be held responsible for Anthony Rapp’s allegations.

The 63-year-old actor, who did not answer the questions of the members of the press at the exit of the court, got into his car with fast steps and drove away. “I am very grateful to the jury for seeing these false allegations,” said Spacey’s attorney, Jennifer Keller.


51-year-old Rapp, now starring in “Star Trek: Discovery”, claimed that he was sexually assaulted on Broadway at the age of 14 by Spacey, who has two Oscars and multiple major awards.

Spacey, who has denied sexual assault accusations against him many times, responded to Rapp’s claim on Twitter, stating that he did not remember the incident and stated that he apologized for “extremely inappropriate drunken behavior”.

Spacey previously denied sexual assault charges against three men in the UK between 2005 and 2013, and in 2019 the misconduct and sexual assault charges against him were dropped by a Massachusetts court.

*Image of the news served by Associated Press.

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