Protests continue in Iran after the death of Mahsa Emini

Protests continue in Iran

The demonstrations, which continued especially in universities during the daytime, were reflected on the streets and avenues of the cities as of the evening hours.

In the images published on social media, it was seen that the demonstrators set up barricades by burning car tires and garbage containers and removing road signs in the city of Dezful in Khuzestan province, while the security forces intervened with tear gas and batons.

While the demonstrators were marching with slogans on the streets and avenues, the drivers of the vehicles gave their support with horns.

After Ahvaz National Steel Group employees called for action to release more than 250 detained workers, demonstrators gathered in the city square and reacted to the administration by chanting “We will fight, we will die, we will take back Iran”.

During the daytime, students of Tehran Beheshti, Tehran Emir Kebir, Kirmanshah Razi, Tehran Science and Culture, Mashhad Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Hamadan Medical Sciences, Tehran, Shiraz Technology, Yazd, Mazenderan, Zahidan, Ahvaz Cundishapur, Tehran Allama Tebatebai universities, as well as students in many cities. Various protests were also organized.

Tradesmen who supported the demonstrations in cities such as Kerec Goherdeşt, Senendec, Sakkız and Bukan showed their reaction by closing their shutters.


The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Emini on September 16, who fell ill and was taken to hospital after being detained by the Irshad patrols, known as the “morality police” in Tehran, on September 13, caused outrage in the country.

The demonstrations, which started after Emini’s funeral in her hometown of Sakkız on September 17, spread to many cities of the country.

Iranian state television announced on September 24 that 41 people, including security forces, had lost their lives in the demonstrations.

Iran’s Human Rights Activists Agency (HRANA) claimed in its report that at least 244 people lost their lives, including 32 children and 26 security guards.

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