Statement from Minister Koca on the health status of injured miners

Minister Koca announced the latest status of injured miners

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca met at the hospital with the relatives of 6 miners who were injured in the mining accident in Bartın and were treated in Istanbul and gave information about their situation.

Minister Koca made a statement on his social media account, “I met with the relatives of our 6 patients who were injured in the mining accident in Bartın and transferred to Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital and gave them detailed information.” used the phrase.

Sharing a video about the moments in which he gave information to the families about the condition of his patients on his social media account, Koca also wished that similar pain would not happen again in his speech here.

According to the news reported by AA; In the video, where the moments of his standing meeting with İbrahim Çeliktaş, one of the injured, were shared, Koca said, “İbrahim can walk. He is standing, his general condition is good. He does not seem to have any serious problems.” he said.

Koca said, “Two of our patients, Ayhan Akgül and Remzi Taşkömür, were extubated in a ventilator, or rather extubated. Ayhan’s condition was more critical from the beginning. He is better now. I spoke to him as well. He is conscious. He knows how it happened. His general condition is improving, but his burns are more severe. “As you know, in this period, we come across more other hemodynamic problems. We have survived that period. From now on, the infection period will be a more serious problem.” said.

Giving the information that Remzi Taşkömür is in very good condition, Koca said, “We talked a lot with Remzi. Remzi talks a lot. Remzi’s condition is quite good. used the phrases.

Minister Koca stated that the condition of Taner Şen, one of the injured, was heavy from the beginning and said, “His heart returned after 20 minutes of resuscitation. Taner’s condition is the most serious right now, he was like this from the beginning. He remains serious. But at the moment, his general condition is stable, Not bad, but in a critical period. From now on, infection and septic shock related to it must be dealt with.” said.


Koca stated that one of the injured, İzzet Ak, is also on a ventilator and remains in critical condition, and the condition of Ak, who is the second critically ill after Taner Şen, is stable.

Stating that Erol Bulduk, one of the injured, was also connected to a respirator, Koca said that Bulduk’s condition is stable and remains serious.

Expressing that the doctors in the hospital are making an intense effort, Minister Koca said, “We do not only have one or two teachers in particular. We have included both intensive care instructors, infection instructors, specialized surgeons related to burns, plastic surgeons, the hospital and friends we know as competent in the process. . Only our teachers at Çam Sakura are not active, you already know that. We are making an effort to do whatever we can.” he said.

Noting that Plastic Surgeon Ömer Özkan from Akdeniz University came to the hospital today and they visited the patients together, Koca stated that from now on, they will evaluate the patients individually.

Health Minister Koca said, “I hope that all our brothers and sisters will reach their loved ones soon.” used the phrase.

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