Taxi driver Niyazi Dinç was stabbed to death by the person he had an argument with in Adana.

Friend dispute ends with murder

The taxi driver who was stabbed by the person he had an argument with in Adana’s Pozantı district died.

Allegedly, in front of the train station, taxi driver Niyazi Dinç and Yusuf Ö. There was an argument between them due to the debt issue.

Meanwhile, Yusuf Ö injured Niyazi Dinç in his car with a knife in his throat.

Police and 112 Emergency Medical teams were dispatched to the region after the people around reported the incident.

The medical teams determined that Dinç died in their control.

Police teams detained the suspect Yusuf Ö at the scene.

Dinç’s body was taken to the morgue of Pozantı 80. Yıl State Hospital after investigations at the scene.

Images of the news were served by İHA

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