Will Boris Johnson be prime minister again? He came back after interrupting his vacation.

Is Boris Johnson coming back?

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was forced to leave his post with a wave of resignations only three months ago, after the debates like the ‘party scandal’. But after the dramatic resignation of her successor, Liz Truss, 44 days later, she interrupted her vacation in the Dominican Republic and returned to London.

Johnson has not officially announced his candidacy, but some allies in the parliamentary party are loudly calling for his return. Conservative Party members who want to participate in the race must not provide the support of 100 deputies until 14.00. Johnson is expected to provide that.

But opponents inside and outside the party say giving him another chance will only lead to more controversy and disappointment.

The new leader and prime minister of the Conservative Party is expected to be announced next week on October 28.


Liz Truss, who became prime minister in the UK on September 5 after Boris Johnson’s resignation, had to step back from the controversial economic policy that shook the markets.

The announcement by Truss on September 6 that the Minister of Finance Kwarteng, whom he appointed on September 6, is preparing to implement tax cuts that will amount to a total of 45 billion pounds on September 23, increased the concerns that the country’s foreign borrowing would increase and caused the pound to experience sharp depreciation. On 14 October, unable to withstand public pressure, Truss dismissed Kwarteng as Finance Minister and replaced him with Jeremy Hunt. Kwarteng was in office for 38 days.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss’s appointment 43 days ago, Interior Minister Braverman, on the other hand, announced that he resigned from his post on the grounds that he technically violated the rules after sending an official document using his personal e-mail address. Thus, Braverman became the interior minister for the shortest time after Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington, who left office after 30 days in 1834.

After this development, Liz Truss’s prime ministry was questioned again.

Truss announced on 20 October that he had submitted his resignation to the King and left office 44 days later. Truss has also stated that he will remain in office until his successor is chosen.

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