Election excitement in Istanbul Bar Association

On the second day of the 52nd General Assembly of the Istanbul Bar Association, lawyers started voting to elect the new bar association president.

According to the news in AA, lawyers showed great interest in the second day of the 52nd General Assembly of the Istanbul Bar Association held at the Haliç Congress Center.

Lawyers, who came to the congress center from the morning hours, started to cast their votes in the 144 ballot boxes that were set up.

In the election, in which 9 candidates compete for the presidency of the Bar Association, 56,944 lawyers have the right to vote.

In the general assembly, Filiz Saraç from the First İlke Çağdaş Lawyers Group, Hasan Kılıç from the Principle First Re-Ascension Movement, Gökhan Ahi from the Lawyer Rights Group, Hakan Çatak from the Istanbul Nationalist Lawyers Group, Gülden Sönmez from the Independent Lawyers Group, Lawyer First Group member Elif Görgülü, Young Law Movement Group Türkan Kara, Metin Uracin from Istanbul Lawyers Association and Lawyer Mert Er Karagülle are vying to be president.

Voting will end at 17:00.

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