He stabbed the driver whose motorcycle he crashed into

He stabbed the driver whose motorcycle he crashed into

In Kastamonu, a car driver stabbed the motorcycle driver he had hit.

The incident occurred in the Cebrail Mahallesi Uzun Sokak. The car, whose license plate could not be learned under the direction of OM, hit the motorcycle used by TS from behind and stuck it between parked vehicles. Later, OM got out of his vehicle and beat and stabbed TS, who fell to the ground and was stuck under the vehicle.


While TS was injured, the attacker fled the scene. TS, whose first response was made by the health teams who came to the scene upon the notification of the surrounding citizens, was taken to Kastamonu Training and Research Hospital.

Escaped ATTACKER Caught

OM, who drove away from the scene in his car, was caught and detained in a short time by the Kastamonu Security Branch Directorate teams. While it was claimed that there was hostility between the two people before, three parked vehicles were damaged in the incident.

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