Lucky Ball results are announced! October 23, 2022! Click to learn with the Lottery Lottery result inquiry screen

The excitement is over at Lucky Ball. We shared the winning numbers and details about the jackpot in our news. Here are the lucky numbers of the day and those who are curious about the Lucky Ball draw on Sunday, October 23, 2022…


5 – 14 – 28 – 29 – 31 + 8


In each draw, 5 numbers are drawn for the first part out of 34 numbers in the sphere, and 1 number is drawn for the second part from 14 numbers in a different sphere.

Playable in Lucky Ball, You Choose and System Game modes;

In You Select mode, you can either choose your lucky 6 number among 34 Lucky Ball numbers or you can quickly create your column by selecting the system with Random Odd, Random Even options.

In System Game mode, you can increase your luck even more with all the different column combinations created by the system by choosing at least 7 and maximum 24 Lucky Ball numbers.

You have the chance to win 2 days a week! The Lucky Ball is drawn 2 days a week: Wednesday and Sunday.

If you correctly guess the numbers 5+1, 5, 4+1, 4, 3+1, 3, 2+1, 1+1 or 0+1 from the numbers in each column you play, you win a bonus.

Anyone who gets 5+1 wins the Lucky Ball jackpot! If there is more than one winner in the same prize category, the prize pool is divided equally among the winners.

The winning rate depends on the column you play and the number of tricks you know.

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