Minister Koca shared! The devastating death of a young associate professor

While waiting for a taxi on the Eskişehir road in Ankara, Assoc. Dr. Yaşar Subutay Peker (37) died as a result of a car crash. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, in his condolence message published on his Twitter account, said, “I wish God’s mercy on him, and my condolences to his family and our physician community.”

According to the news of DHA, the incident occurred in front of a shopping center on Eskişehir road yesterday morning.

As a result of the driver’s loss of steering control, the car under the direction of DK was waiting for a taxi in front of the shopping center, Assoc. Dr. Yaşar Subutay hit Peker. Peker died in the accident. The driver, who was taken into custody in connection with the incident, was released on condition of judicial control by the court he was brought to after his procedures at the police station. It was stated that the funeral of Peker, who is married and has one child, will be buried in Karşıyaka Cemetery after the ceremony to be held at the hospital where he works on Monday, 24 October.


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, in his condolence message on his Twitter account, said: “Our friend Associate Professor Yaşar Subutay Peker, who worked at Ankara Health Sciences University GATA General Surgery Department, died in a traffic accident. Dr. Yaşar was only 37 years old. May God have mercy on him, “I offer my condolences to his family and to our medical community,” he said.

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