New prime minister candidates announced

After Prime Minister Liz Truss, who took office in the UK on September 6, resigned on October 20, new prime minister candidates are announced. As of Monday, October 24, the leaders who will participate in the elections will officially announce their candidacy.

Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt, who were second and third in the previous election, will also compete in the election. On the other hand, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned and left office, is expected to run again.


Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned on July 7, 2022, bowing to the intense pressure that followed the resignation of many ministers in the government. Johnson still has supporters in parliament. Johnson expressed in his resignation speech that he was proud of what he had done during his tenure.

Chris Heaton Harris, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, said that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will enter the race for prime minister.


Rishi Sunak, who served as Finance Minister in the Johnson government during the Covid-19 pandemic, has officially announced that he will re-enter the race for prime minister.

In the elections held after Boris Johnson’s resignation, Sunak gained support from the Conservative Party, but lost to Liz Truss in the elections. The British media shows Sunak as the favorite, as in the previous election.


Penny Mordaunt has officially announced her candidacy. It is wondered if Mordaunt, who came in third in the last election, can increase his vote rate this time. Mordaunt served as Speaker of the House of Commons in Truss’ government.

In addition, Mordaunt assumed the position of British Ministry of Defense in 2019 and became the first female Minister of Defense.

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