Why and When Was the First World War Çanakkale Front Opened? Who is the Commander of the Çanakkale Front?

The scene of great heroism, where two separate battles took place on land and at sea. Who is the commander of the Çanakkale Front? Information about the Çanakkale Front We have prepared this content for you. Here are all the details…

In what year was the Çanakkale Front Opened?

Çanakkale Front, which was the scene of the wars between the Ottoman Empire and the Allied Powers; It was opened on February 19, 1915. The closing date of the Çanakkale Front, which started with the naval battles and continued with the land battles that followed, was 9 January 1916.

On the Çanakkale Front, which remained open for about a year, the Entente Powers could not pass the straits neither by land nor by sea, and this front resulted in the victory of the Ottoman Empire.

Reasons for the Opening of the Çanakkale Front

It was the scene of the wars that lasted between 1915 and 1916. Why was the Çanakkale Front opened? The answers to the question can be listed as follows:

  • To take the Ottoman Empire out of the war by taking Istanbul and the Straits.
  • Narrowing the battlefield and shortening the duration of the battle.
  • To deliver economic and military aid to Russia, an ally of the Allied Powers.
  • Ottoman Empire’s army Channeland Caucasian Frontto have it withdrawn.
  • To open new fronts in the Balkans and cut off the ties of the Central Powers with each other.
  • To cut off the land connection between the Ottoman Empire and Germany.
  • Making use of Russian wheat.
  • To prevent the Ottoman Empire’s possible attack on India.
  • To include the Balkan states, which were hesitant to participate in the World War, on the side of the Entente Powers.

Information About Çanakkale Front

Çanakkale Front Naval Battles:

Çanakkale Naval Battles; It started with the attacks of British and French warships on February 19, 1916. Allied forces, which took action with all their strength to pass the Dardanelles on March 18, suffered great losses both with the counterfire of the Turkish artillery and the mines laid by the Nusret Mine Ship in the strait and had to retreat.

Çanakkale Front Land Battles:

The British and French navies, who could not get a result from the naval battles, which were the first stage of the Dardanelles War, had to withdraw on March 18, 1915; instead of naval combat, he put into effect the land operation plan.

Allied States prepared within the framework of this plan; On April 25, 1915, they made a landing on the Gallipoli Peninsula from five different points, namely Seddülbahir, Kumkale, Beşige, Bolayır and Arıburnu. The British and French forces, which attacked in Seddülbahir and Arıburnu, were not successful against the Ottoman defense lines and could not occupy the Gallipoli Peninsula.

With the attack carried out by Mustafa Kemal against the Anzac forces in Kocatepe and Chunuk Bair, the Anzac troops were also forced to retreat. As the Ottoman defense could not be overcome, the Entente forces ended the landing and had to leave the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Who is the Commander of the Çanakkale Front?

Those who served in the war that took place in two separate phases as land and sea. Çanakkale War Commanders their names are:

Çanakkale Naval Wars Commanders

  • Cevat Pasha
  • Colonel Selahattin Bey

Çanakkale Land Wars Commanders

  • Enver Pasha
  • Otto Liman Von Sanders
  • Mehmet Esat Pasha
  • How many Vehip Pasha
  • Fevzi Pasha
  • Colak Faik Pasha
  • Mr. Mustafa Kemal
  • Mr. Yakup Şevki
  • Mr. Cafer Tayyar
  • Mr. Ahmet Fevzi
  • Mr. Halil Sami
  • Kazim Karabekir

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