Complementary Health covers maternity coverage

Birth coverage included in ‘supplementary’

Anadolu Sigorta Health Insurance Manager Ahmet Gökhan Kerem noted that private health insurance is a health insurance product that covers the costs of medication, examination, examination and treatment for the ailments that may arise after the insurance start date, within the policy conditions. Provides the freedom to choose a doctor or health institution.Within the scope of the policy you choose, the costs of outpatient or inpatient diagnosis and treatment resulting from an accident or illness are covered in the country or wherever you are in the world, if preferred. All individuals under the age of 64 who are under the age of 64 can have Individual Health Insurance.


Reminding that Health Insurance policies can be made through many channels, Kerem said: “Those who want to buy policies from us can do their transactions from all Anadolu Sigorta agencies, İşbank digital applications and branches, Anadolu Sigorta mobile and web applications. During the application process, the “Digital Form”, a first in the sector, You can complete your application easily and conveniently with the ” application. While purchasing your policy, your agency and insurance sales specialists will also provide information about the application process with the digital form.”


Providing information about the birth coverage in private health insurance, Kerem said that the birth coverage covers normal birth, cesarean section expenses, expenses related to regular pregnancy controls and the expenses related to the diseases caused by pregnancy and delivery. Kerem said that this coverage guarantees the pregnancy process and the moment of birth and that it can be added to the policy within the desired limit. “We recommend that our insured cover their newborn babies for life by including them in the policy,” he said.


Kerem said that Complementary Health Insurance is a type of policy that covers the difference amount that individuals under the general health insurance have to pay for the examination, examination and treatment costs, which are partially covered by the Social Security Institution (SGK) in private hospitals, within the limits specified in the policy. Anyone under the coverage of SGK – General Health Insurance (insured employees and family members) can have Anadolu Supplementary Health Insurance.It is a health insurance product that can be purchased with a more affordable premium compared to private health insurance.If desired, all TSS packages are available for birth and in vitro fertilization collateral can be included,” he said.

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