The martyr wrote the first song his son learned on his son’s tombstone.

Pekdoğan stated that his son’s favorite baglama, photos he took, his clothes, the money that came out of his last pocket and his identity card were found in the room. Explaining that she will keep the last money that comes out of her son’s pocket for the rest of her life, the painful mother continued: “Because that money was worth it. I keep it until the license plate of her car. I try to hide it because it’s all hers. ‘They put ages in my one-breath life, they put mountains of dreams in front of me, they put tears in my eyes that always smile, my crying eyes turn to tears.’ “I had the words of the first folk song my child learned. Sometimes, when no one is at home, I go into his room and listen to the songs he sings as if I were with him.”

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